As a process driven person, I believe, every creative problem has an equal or greater creative solution. Asking the right questions, thinking about how it affects the customer, keeping time and cost in mind. How can I improve on what's currently in market? Do we need to A-B test? What impact will these improvements have on the overall campaign? Breaking out my pencil and pad, I start to develop concepts visually walking through my thought process. 
Step 1: Analyze the problem. The current problem is the development team is housing three different brands and using a variety of templates that is causing prolonged deployment times. The VP of the Connected Vehicles department mentioned that he would love to find a way to cut down time on this part of the process. Here's what I did next.
Step 2: Deep dive into the problem. I went ahead and printed one version of the each branded "Drive Off" communication. Now, each communication is designed and coded individually, requiring universal content to be repeated for each version, increasing development and testing efforts​​​​​​​. Comparing all three, finding similarities, differences, branding nuances, I was able to develop and idea that could be executed for a three brands. 
Step 3: Bouncing Ideas Back and Forth. My initial thought was "What if we had one shell template that could be used for all three brands but still use a Tetris style modular setup that each team could adapt and use?" Something like this, with this company hasn't been done before. It would cut down design time, reviews and quality checks. What would each team need or require? How long would this transition take? What kind of new processes will need to be put in place?
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